The Legend of the Beetle

Dating all the way back to the Middle Ages, in medieval Europe, small insects began to swarm and destroy crops on the land. The people of the land had to ask Our Lady, to help save them from a plague, in fear the small insects would leave nothing. Then, a swarm of small and black spotted and red insects began to fly down all together and devoured the small insects, saving the land for the people. The people named these black sotted and red insects “Our Lady’s Beetles,” since they were helpful and protected them that day.

In today’s times, the name has been shortened to become the “ladybug.” It has been known that organic farmers now order large boxes of ladybugs in order to have many benefits on their land such as, eating smaller insects that can be destructive on their gardens and orchards.

In an old wives’ tale, the ladybug is said to bring luck to those who come in contact. If a ladybug lands on you, you should remain still and count the spots you see, while making sure it doesn’t fly or crawl away. The number of spots you count is the number of months you will receive this good luck. Many cultures even believe that the ladybug is a sign of something amazing awaiting to happen.

The ladybug represents protection and prosperity. That is why Beetle Best Media has selected the Ladybug as the emblem to represent the work and the books that are being shared with the world. The intent of Beetle Best Media is to offer resources to help protect and show love for what is most important to all of us – our families!
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